Milan 2018

For 5 weeks of summer 2018, I spent my time au pairing for a family in Milan, Italy. (I’m going to make another post on au pairing to talk about all 8 weeks of my time with the family). Whilst in Milan, I was lucky enough to stay in my own studio apartment in the centre, rather than living with the family. During my 5 weeks in Milan, I visited all the typical tourist attractions; Duomo, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Sforzesco Castle, Teatro Alla Scala and Sempione Park, to name a few. One thing I noticed about the city is how clean it is! Everywhere I went the streets were spotless, no rubbish, no chewing gum stains on the pavement, no mess from birds, plus the buildings were clean and their natural colour, not stained with dirt. With Milan having such beautiful artifacts and architecture, the fact they were also so clean made them 10 times more beautiful. In central Milan, it doesn’t matter what street you are walking down, there’s always some sort of castle/church/palace disguised within the rest of the buildings making walks around the city that little bit more interesting.

However, as much as I loved my time in Milan, due to the months I was there (July-August) it was ridiculously hot. So hot that once it got to the end of my 5 weeks there I didn’t enjoy going out so much, and if I did go out, I didn’t stray far from air-conditioned shops! Due to this, if anyone was going to visit Milan, I’d suggest going in May/June time, maybe even up until mid July, however once it’s nearly August, it’s just too hot. The family I was au pairing for told me that during August all the shops shut and the city is practically empty as everyone who lives there goes on holiday for the whole month to avoid the heat! So if you were to visit in August, there’s a good chance there won’t be as many shops and activities open as you’d like!

Milan was a beautiful city and I would  highly recommend visiting one day!


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