Modena 2018

After a day in Bologna, I took a 30 minute bus to Modena. Modena is very similar to Bologna, just a lot smaller, and more colourful. Whilst in Modena I met up with a girl I met on Twitter who was au pairing for a family there, although we couldn’t speak for long, it was nice speaking to someone about their au pair life and hearing how they found it, something I wish I had done more of before and during my stay!

As you can probably see from the photos, the buildings in Modena were often a subtle pinky colour or yellow, I loved these houses and would picture myself living in them. During my day here I walked around the streets, visited a few churches, and did a bit of shopping, I also went to the Enzo Ferrari Museum which was pretty cool. I know nothing about cars, but seeing all the different Ferrari cars throughout the year.

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